Child Application Items

Child Applicant Items
  • Birth record *If available*
  • Immunization record *Required unless child is homeless*

We can access Nevada WebIZ if your child has been fully immunized in Nevada. Please provide a copy of any out-of-state records. Let us know if you need assistance accessing your child's immunization record.

  • Disability documentation such as an IFSP or IEP *If applicable*
  • Custody, adoption, guardianship, visitation, or protection court orders/documents *If applicable*
Family Income Items
  • TANF/SSI cash aid recipients: Provide us with your current benefit letter showing what you get now
  • Foster children applicants: Provide us with the foster placement letter AND foster license
  • Families experiencing homelessness: Make sure you fully document the situation on the Family Eligibility Interview & Income Form

If none of the above apply, send in the following for your family:

We are required to document the last 12 months of family income from all sources.  Every family’s income situation is different and there may be more or different sources of income.  When we receive the Family Eligibility Interview & Income Form, we will have a better understanding of your family circumstance and the items you need to turn in.

The following are good to start with and most likely will make this process faster:

  • Current 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Forms  OR  all current W-2s, 1099s, etc. for BOTH adults in the home
  • Last 4 paycheck stubs with year-to-date gross earnings for BOTH adults in the home
  • Child support for ALL children in the home
How to Provide your Documents
  • Bring to our main office at 1100 E 8th Street, Reno NV 89512

Regular office hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday
Office hours may be modified due to COVID-19 and we recommend you contact us at (775) 786-6023 to set up an appointment

  • Upload your documents online through our secure enrollment portal: Head Start ( (scroll down to How to Apply)  
  • Call the enrollment office at 775-786-6023 to receive a secure link to upload personal documents

    *For security, please do not email your personal documentation

  • Please call the enrollment office at 7775-786-6023 or email for any questions or needed assistance.

If you are submitting documents by mail or dropping them off to the office, please be aware we need only copies and DO NOT recommend you submit originals.  We are not responsible for original documentation submitted in error.